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Can you imagine an amusement park where all the rides are enjoyed by mice rather than people?    Mice are riding the Ferris wheel, the merry-go-round and the other rides, skating on the ice, riding the cable car or buying tickets, strolling, eating ice cream and enjoying all the many things an exciting amusement park has to offer.   Well, Brian McWilliams can.   He is the creative tinkerer who brought this make-believe phenomenon come to life.  In this busy playground he calls “Squeekville” there are many two-inch tall mice – all modeled after the famous Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse – aping human amusement park goers.  There is real action.  The Ferris wheel and Merry-go-round really do go round and the swings swing.   Mickey and Minnie actually do a jitter-bug dance on a stage.  There is even a high diver who dives into a pool.

Brian, a resident of Knoxville, TN, inherited this playful project from his father, who created it in the 1930s as an under-the Christmas-tree treat for his children.  Originally, the amusement park was smaller with fewer rides.   Next to it was a small village with miniature houses, and surrounding it all was electric Lionel train track.  Brian’s dad, a Westinghouse electrician, built the various rides from scratch and fashioned the mice that rode them.  Everything was electrically operated, and they all operated at fixed intervals in a fifteen-minute cycle.   He also constructed the electrical switch system that made it possible for the various rides, the train, the house lights, the street lights and the Christmas tree lights to be activated at certain intervals on the cycle.  There was no one present flipping switches to start or stop this or that action; the machine that controlled the cycle was in the next room, out of sight.  In the pre-electronic age, this was novel, and it thrilled his seven kids every Christmas morning year after year.

Brian inherited the Christmas playground set in 1958, and ever since he, who also inherited his father’s creative and tinkering skills, has been modifying and expanding it, adding numerous new and amusing features.   The village is gone, but the same 70-year-old Lionel train still makes its loop around the perimeter.   The park is enlarged with new rides such as a circling rocket swing, the cable car and a balloon ride.  Other new attractions include a boating pond and a tight rope walker.   And all around are many more fun-seeking mice engaged in all sorts of activities – many of them quite comic but all of them mimicking human life.  The climax at the end of the 4 and half minute show is the high diver making his death-defying dive into a small pool far below.  Splash!

Squeekville has been on TV PM Magazine ABC, Knoxville TV-6 1968.   Live at Five NBC, TV-10. 2002 and 2009.

HobbyTown,  USA. 2009.  Children’s Museum, 2010

Brian is a member of Knoxville Area Railroaders Inc, located in the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, TN.